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Sugino Super SG75 S3 Crank

$510.00 USD

The drive-train series which saw Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, and Team Great Britain to 7 gold medals at the London Olympics.

If you are simply looking for the ultimate crankset, you cannot look past Sugino’s new track group.
The new Sugino Super Zen chainring and Super Sugino 75 crankset, along with the Sugino 75 Ceramic bottom bracket set, creates the ultimate track racing drive train.
Sugino’s famous S-Cubic coating offers the least resistance possible, and the forged cranks provide the ultimate in stiffness.
They simply look incredible in person and the quality has proven in London Olympics.

  • Chain Line: 42mm(BB-SG75)
  • Bolt Pattern : 5-Bolt
  • PCD: 144MM
  • Crankarm: 165MM
  • Colour: Black/Gunmetal Finish, or Champagne Chrome Finish

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