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Hplusson SL42

$68.00 USD

The SL42 rim is the original 42mm high rim that took us over a year to develop. Like Formation Face, SL42 owes its stiffness and aerodynamics to 42mm profile height. The two models share the same lightness, reduced to around 615 grams (plus or minus 15 grams) using the G609 aluminum alloy which is also 30 percent stronger than the 6061 aluminum alloy used in standard rim manufacture. SL42 features a machined side wall for use with rim brakes.

  • Weight: 615 grams
  • Material: G609 Alloy
  • Height: 42 mm
  • Size: 700c 650c
  • Drillings: 24 28 32 36
  • Colors: Subject to change due to mood swings or rainfall pattern.
  • Joint: Welded
  • ERD: 557 mm
  • Machined Braking Surface

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