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Corima Aero+

$600.00 USD
Since 1992, the AERO carbon wheel is world renown. This wheel allows you to benefit from all the CORIMA recent innovations on the rims, it offers the best value for money in its class.

It’s a versatile wheel that can be used for either flat or hilly roads.

The front AERO carbon wheel is built with 24 CX-Ray spokes and the rear AERO carbon wheel is built with 24 CX spokes. This reliable setting has been proven over the years. It’s the perfect wheel to start getting along with the performance of the CORIMA carbon wheels.

The rear AERO tubular wheel is also available for track (rear 24 spokes). The front axle is threaded and allows the setting of 2 track bolts + screws (ref: 400161) for a track use.
Restocking takes 2 weeks if sold out.

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