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Corima 4 Spoke Carbon Wheel

$920.00 USD

New DESIGN ! The 4 Spoke 2D carbon wheel is the worldwide reference of monocoque carbon wheels. New profile (47 mm). The profile of the rim with the 2D concept and the shape of the spokes like a drop of water (leading edge and trailing edge) make it very aerodynamic.

The front wheel is very light, only 720g, it has an integrated magnet for use with a bike computer and its front "Chrono" hub is built with ceramic bearings.

Created from the beginning to be a versatile wheel, it is perfect for road use (time-trial and triathlon) and for track use thanks to its excellent lateral stiffness.

The rear road cassette 4 Spoke 2D wheel can also be used for track (for cyclists who sometimes ride on track), thanks to the specific preparation of the wheel in the CORIMA workshops and the purchase of the rear "Road to Track" converter kit (ref: 400115).

The 4 Spoke 2D wheel is produced in HM version (High Modulus carbon fibres).

Restocking takes 2 weeks if sold out.

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